Eutecticice cream transport and frozen food transport crates with service exportstomany countries.
Adding the difference to any brand with its understanding of quality products Eutectic It Was Always Preferred The Best.
About Us

As ATC (EutecticCar), it is an engineering, production, service and export company operating in the field of R&D studies, design, engineering and production on eutectic cooling technologies, industrial cooling systems, on-vehicle hybrid solutions and technological products.

It continues to provide solutions that will provide new advantages in price, energy and usage value to the sector in different temperatures and models, taking into account the R&D and business development features, our partner companies in Italy and the investment focus of the consumer.

The main sectors we work in are; We offer eutectic cooling plates, Ice cream cases, Solar energy systems, energy storage batteries, different eutectic cooling systems, special ice cream sales vehicles, cold storage, cooling panels, refrigerated body, cooling compressors - cooling spare parts supply and turnkey solutions.

Relevant countries we work with;

Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia, Africa, South America, Nigeria, Cameroon, Russia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Albania, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Canada, Kuwait, Mauritius, USA, South Africa, Serbia, Israel, UAE, Peru, We proudly present our exports to nearly 50 countries in the world, such as Jordan, Croatia, Germany.

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