Battery Pack

ATC provides the world's lowest cost and longest lasting Lithium-Ion modular battery systems for stationary energy storage without any compromise in safety. Compatible with new and recycled Li-Ion cells. Remote intervention and maintenance in less than 2 minutes. It provides reliable and green clean energy to your caravans, trucks, homes and factories. The First Plug-in Electric battery for refrigerated bodies, vans, trucks, trailers and containers EVOLT Lithium-Ion Battery technology delivers clean energy, reduces emissions and contributes to a better quality of life.”

Lithium Ion Battery NMC Chemistry

Five different sizes / capacities

CANBus 2.0b 29Bit Communication Protocol

UN ECE R100 v2 Certified

Parallel / Serial Connection Yes

85% DOD @25C° with 3000 RPM

EVOLT- 5 kWh-LI-Battery-atc
EVOLT-10 kWh-LI-Battery-atc
EVOLT-15 kWh-LI-Battery-atc
EVOLT-20 kWh-LI-Battery-atc
EVOLT-25 kWh-LI-Battery-atc
EVOLT-35 kWh-LI-Battery-atc
EVOLT-60 kWh-LI-Battery-atc
EVOLT-70 kWh-LI-Battery-atc
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