Compressor Reconditioning


Compressor Test Services
Refrigeration manufacturers provide testing services for compressors with high-tech units.
pressure test (psia)
Heat transfer detection (Btu / lbm)
Piston rod diameter (r = 0) (inches)
Entropy at specified pressure and temperature (Btu / lbm-R)
Cylinder bore (inch)
Compressor Horsepower (HP)
Cylinder percentage cleaning (%)
Power with Different Display (HP)
Suction volumetric efficiency (%)
Compressor Horsepower (HP)
Unit Rate (RPM)Current (amps)
Voltage (volts)
Voltage (volts)
Polytropic efficiency calculation
Gas enthalpy at suction, discharge or isentropic conditions (Btu / lbm)
Isentropic exponent Link Rod Length (in)
Mass (lbm)
Exponent or end count value
Energy consumption determined by loss factor Thermodynamic analysis (Btu / lbm)
oil pump pressure
safety valve

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